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she walked by him. she shielded her face with her hands before he ran off. investigators describe a more violent attack about a month ago. this one about half a mile away. it was on an early sunday morning before 3:00. they say the same man lunched at a woman throwing her to the ground, straddling her before slamming her head into the pavement several times. we spoke with women in the area who said even though they were early in the morning, they were surprised of hearing it happen in this part of the mission. >> like downtown it's different. but in areas like this or the mission, i live in east valley so it's a little quieter. but there's still always people out. you wouldn't think that could happen. >> reporter: another woman off camera says she lives around the corner from where the first attack happened. she's more scared about the fact she didn't hear about these attacks. she said people around the
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mission spread news of these quickly. i just spoke with another woman here who said she's in this area a lot and because the bars are sprinkled around these neighborhoods here, a lot of homes, she believes there are a lot of women now and that's become a targeted she's heard of attacks. in san francisco, stephanie truong, nbc bay area news. new detail ossen a crash on the in the bay. the man was riding in a speedboat that slammed into a ferry. the ferry was headed to san francisco at the time. but no one on board the ferry was hurt. officials took it out of service last night and the crew was placed on administrative leave while the investigation continues. a treasure island family is
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struggling to come to terms with the death of a girl who died in a fire. they were not able to get to her in time. the fire left dozens of people displaced. investigators have not told what they think caused the fire. thousands of people rallied urging for action on global warming. about 5,000 people from across the bay area and northern california marched on market street. the event was to coordinate with rallies in washington, d.c. and other cities across the country. and organizers say it's important to put a face on the movement and try to push the white house to act. >> the president and the secretary of the state john kerry both know that we can't afford to wait around on climate. we got to do something now. and they know they have the authority to do it. and what we're doing a providing
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them with the love and support they need to do the right thing. >> the two main goals were for the president to identify climate change as a priority and project the keystone pipeline. chief of staff confirmed the white house has been working on its own immigration reform plan. the plan would bolster security and include a path to citizenship for the undocumented immigrants in the u.s. group of eight senators has been working on a bipartisan immigration reform bill. the white house its plan would only be proposed if the current efforts fail. reacted to the president's plan saying quote, what the president said is a big step and offers hope for immigrants but the white house proposal has too many years of waiting for citizenship. also it does not address the
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future flow for new citizen. s. two politicians were on meet the press today. gavin newsom and carly fiorina. they talked about everything from the economy and immigration reform to dysfunctional washington. >> it's time for us to lean in and hold these guys up for higher level expectations. you want to move the mouse, you got to move the cheese. we've got to change consensus in this country for good behavior. >> i find it stunning truly that this president and the democratic party continues to lay all the blame for their failure to achieve anything at the feet of the tea party or ted cruz or who aever the latest villain is. >> this ramps up the speculation he has washington in his political career. the pope plans to step down in ten days. today's mass at the vatican was packed.
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more than 50,000 people gathered at st. peter's square today. that is double the number of people who attended just last week. pope benedict's final audience scheduled for a week from wednesday. 35,000 people have already requested tickets to that. he plans to go in retirement in vatican city. here in the bay area, there are varying opinions on who should be the next pope. today in downtown san jose, some suggested the next pope should be a woman or minority. well, a woman is off the table. but any baptized catholic male can be the pope. everyone we spoke to today agreed the next pope should be someone more progressive than benedict. >> i think that it's good that he decided to resign if he feels he's aging enough that he can't be in control of the church and decisions. perhaps it's time to put someone in significantly younger and has more of a heart beat on what
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would matter moving forward. >> the next leader is expected to be in place in a couple of weeks. hundreds of people gathered today to mark a time in u.s. history they hope will ner be repeated. the annual day of remembrance marked the signing of the executive order which led to the internment of japanese men women and children in the world war ii. >> this day is meaningful to me because it marks, i think, the act of a great nation. a great nation i think recognizes when it has fallen short of its ideals. that's what the united states did. >> several of today's speakers also testified 25 years ago before the commission on wartime relations in favor of the civil liberties act of 1988. that law signed by president ronald reagan provided compensation for survivors of
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the camps and their families. coming up next, the day the music died. sort of. an artist played a piano one last time. why he said farewell to the pea ya no e. and she's done something today that's never happened before. how danica patrick raced into the history books. i'm live in san jose where a bay area tradition has come to an end. details coming up. and warm weather coming to an end. tomorrow we're looking at 50s. that's not the big story. we're talking about rain, wind, snow in the mountain tops, and thunder all in the forecast. we'll talk more about these changes ahead when we come back.
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. a bay area tennis tradition iseneding its run here. >> the s.a.p. wrapped up today and will no longer be held at hp pavilion. here's why it's leaving and how fans are reacting. >> reporter: this is a tournament that has included all-time tennis greats. it is very emotional. not just for fans but many of the staff and volunteers who are here. >> i'm very sad. >> reporter: this finals match ends what has been a 125-year tradition in the bay area. >> it's really sad, because it's
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like the only mens tournament around that's not really far away and costs so much. >> reporter: the tournament will be moving to memphis, tennessee, next year where facilities can accommodate recent changes in tennis. >> it had to come to an end. we were the last single court tournament in theal car. >> reporter: they are more playing doubles than ever before. and the hp pavilion just has a single court. >> i'll definitely miss it. i've over seen tennis just the last couple years for our company. i like tennis. my family plays. and this week has been nothing but great matches. and our staff is phenomenal. so i'll miss it for them and with them. >> 125 years ago and now it's no more. it's hard. >> reporter: jan williams has been a volunteer for the tournament for more than 20 years. she says she isn't sure what she's going to do next. right now she's just focused on
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saying good-bye to old friends. >> it's like a family camp. you come back every year and you go see same people and catch up on what's going on in their lives. see you next year. and now it's no more. >> reporter: despite the tournament director refuting this, there has been speculation that the tournament has ended because of the decline in american tennis and also poor attendance from last year to this year attendance was down about 10,000 people. live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> all right. thank you. still ahead at 6:00, we'll take you to houston where we're going to talk with the first all star from the warriors in more than a decade. and another beautiful day of springlike weather across the bay area. but not expected to stick around. gorgeous shot there. we'll fill you in on the winter blast coming our way.
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for the first time in 15 years the golden state warriors are being represented at the nba all star game. in houston we had a chance to talk to david lee about the honor of being chosen. >> greetings from the all star game. this year an interesting year for warriors fans. the warriors have a player in the game. forward david lee. >> last time i was a replacement i think 36 hours before. so it was kind of like a blur. now i've really gotten a chance to enjoy. time for friends and family to come down and be part of it. feel a lot more comfortable and mature being here the second
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time. >> my first time at the all star was his first time in dallas. so seeing him again is -- you know, it's like he should have been there ever since his first time. he's had a phenomenal career. >> really good player. really, really good player. he's a smart player. he's very smart. and i think it's awesome for him to be here. i still believe they should be had two of them. i think steph should have been here. >> stephen curry part of last night. so four warriors total part of the weekend's festivities. that's the scene from houston. back to you in the studio. the music has stopped. a piano that entertained people for two weeks is gone. >> an artist musician and pter hauled the piano to the bay. he played there every night
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until valentine's day. the plan was to play for the whole month listening to how the elements changed the sound, but the city said he didn't have the proper permits. hundreds of people came out to enjoy the impromptu concerts. he played one last time this evening. then his plan was to take it back to his studio, light it on fire, and play as long as he could. we're not sure if that has happened just yet or not. >> we're listening to the scanners. if we hear fire responding, we'll head that way. >> probably need a permit for that too. a live look over san jose right now. a live look at san francisco. things are going to be changing. >> they are going to be changing. and if that gentleman waited until tuesday, the rain would have put out that fire. but we see 50s outside right now. as we expected, the sea breeze starting to strengthen.
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one reason it will be cooler than we saw today. plus clouds spilling in. leads to a drop in temperatures. bring you up to date on seasonal rainfall averages. the bay area had 150% of average rainfall. now after relatively two dry months we're roughly 80% of average. not too bad. take a look at the sear ra. down to about 60% statewide. it has been really dry in the sierra. good news we will get at least a foot of snow with the system coming in. and our bay area mountain tops could see snow. the storm we're watching is going to drop in towards tomorrow night and tuesday. and because it's originating out of alaska cold air coming our way. rain at times, breezy conditions. we're used to that. but we're not used to snow dipping down to 2,000 feet by
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tuesday. that tells you hope cold this air will be getting. especially over the coastal areas and around the ocean. may see some isolated thunder as well. monday still looks fine. we'll see increasing clouds during the day. plan on the rain. then as we head into the evening, this is the time after sunset. will probably see some snow accumulations mainly above 3500 feet. wednesday morning things start to dry out. the system on tuesday bring in about a quarter inch to maybe 3/4 inch of rain in the coastal hill tops. the good news for the sierra, we'll skiee a foot of snow. on into wednesday. 30s and 40s outside. tomorrow highs only in the 50s to near 60 in the warmest spot. but mainly a day with mid and high level clouds this time tomorrow.
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and upper 50s around santa rosa. that'll seem warm compared to tuesday. little bit of everything coming our way tuesday. wednesday cool and breezy. thursday into friday it'll get out. then on saturday two weaker systems that mainly impact the sierras. so things are looking drier now for the second half of the week. but plan on showers mostly north of the golden gate. cool temperatures i think towards next weekend. yes, we need the snow and rain. plenty of it on tuesday. >> looking ahead a couple weeks, will the jet stream come through. >> we've had that semipermanent ridge almost six weeks. that is finally breaking down. i think there's a better opportunity. >> thanks a lot. and just ahead, history is made on the racetrack. we'll show you how danica patrick left her tire marks.
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rift was made in nascar today as danica patrick became the first woman to qualify in the top spot. >> patrick earned the pole position for the daytona 500. it is the biggest achievement of her career. posting a lap of more than 196 miles per hour. only four-time champion jeff gordon came even close to knocking her off. no woman had ever qualified higher than ninth. patrick now looks to become the first woman to win a nascar race when the daytona 500 takes place one week from today. right now checking in with
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more sports with henry wofford of comcast sportsnet. >> we'll take a trip out to the cactus state. green and gold used the last year's success to motivate them? plus he was a great player during hez time at the bay. now jeff kent is helping his former squad in the desert. a live report from arizona is next.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. even when&ax past your prime, it's difficult to walk away from the game. a former giants slugger was helping out in spring training. let's get on out there where we're at spring training camp right now and has the latest on the world series champs. what's going on out there?
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>> yeah, henne prip jeff kent spent six years with the giants. for the last two springs he's been a spring training instructor for the giants. now year three in that role has officially begun. he says the most enjoyment he gets out of the job is seeing the young players progress. >> crawford did an outstanding job last year. making adjustments. that's what i like to see. i like to see a player come in with raw talent, with skills. but you need to marinate those skills. you need to make changes a bit. and you watch a player going from a good young kid who is more of a solid guy that you can count on, a guy you know you can compete with every day because he's able to handle the adversity. then you watch him physically change too. those are neat things to see. >> i also ask ken about being on
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the reality tv show survivor. he didn't win. he said if he could change one thing it would be quote, to not get his butt kicked off. he said he'd be more cut throat. nbc bay area. >> thank you, ahmad. for the first time this spring the green and gold are getting ready to defend their a.l. west crown. and the theme of the day was looking beyond their success from a year ago. kate longworth has the story. >> bob melvin began day one of a's workouts with the team meeting. melvin even brought in pitching great bob welsh to inspire his young players. melvin said his message was simple. he wanted to congratulate the team on their a.l. west title last year but also encourage them to build off that for success this season. >> you want to carry that forward, but you also understand
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that this is a new year and you have to let that go. but once you do let it go, you have to reflect and say what made us good. what made us last year able to win the west. and those are the things that players need to know. and we've discussed that as a group a bit today too. >> a five-minute video was also showed during that meeting. when asked if there were pie celebrations in the video bob melvin said of course there were. after all they had to have something to show. kate longworth, nbc bay area news. stanford coming in winners of 14 straight versus ucla. left-handed hook. cardinal up early. 5-2. second half action now. stanford leading by ten. spinning and driving to the hoop. she had 26 points, 7 rebounds. stanford wins 68-57.
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also the cal bears beat usc today by a score of 72-64. don't forget tonight we'll have nba all star highlights. we'll check in on david lee to see how he's representing the golden state warriors. that'll do it for now diane and terry. see you later. >> and henry, you forgot to mention that jeff kent went to berkeley. got to throw that in anywhere we can. >> can never mention cal enough. >> threw stanford in there. good night.
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you kept trying to order home massages off of craigslist. - [gasps] good thing you were here. [knock at door] - hey, somebody order a massage? - oh, brother. [masculine voice] you're too late! i already killed her! - [groans] - well played, lemon. [door opens] you went running? i thought you'd left. who else is out there this early? - almost exclusively women that look like me. if the pervert community gets wind of morning jogging, [grunts] god help us. have you seen this? they keep talking about sheinhardt selling nbc to, uh, kabletown. - that's never gonna happen. how could a company from philadelphia buy a company from new york? that would be like vietnam defeating the united states in a ground war. - i don't know, jack. my sources... - well, i'm telling you that don geiss and i spoke about this, and that sale is dead. - look, i read his autobiography, geiss cubes, whatever that means. - it means the book is filled with cubes of knowledge. it's a good title. the principles in this book are timeless. i could open to any page... "because a woman's brain has fewer folds--" okay, hang on.

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